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Introducing Just10Minutes – A powerful Task Manager and Todo List Application for the BlackBerry

Our latest application Just10Minutes has been around already for a few weeks but so far we haven’t introduced it officially. Today is the day to finally officially announce Just10Minutes and tell you a little bit more about this task manager.

Some time ago – indeed while I was procrastinating on some important work that I had to do – I have found an article by Merlin Mann that introduced a powerful concept to stop procrastination. He called it the (10+2)*5 method and the idea is you work for an amount of time without distraction, then break to relax or do something else. With these work bursts, the job will get done.

From his website

It’s called “(10+2)*5” and here’s why:

  • 10 – Work for ten minutes with single-minded focus on moving toward completion on a single task. Ten minutes, and that’s all you’re allowed to do is work, work, work. No cheating, because (DING!) you actually get a break when you’re done…
  • 2 – After ten minutes of sweaty, dedicated work you get a 2-minute break to do whatever you want—drink coffee, read 5ives, call your bookie, whatever. When the two minutes are up, it’s back to work on the next task on your list. This is important.
  • *5 – You’re going to iterate this four more times for a total of one hour’s working/breaking

Since then I have followed this method and it is indeed really powerful. While initially the 10 minutes timeframe was perfect I am now at the 25 minutes timeframe plus 5 minutes break. I do several runs everyday, get a lot of things done but still have time to check the news, web statistics or my email every 25 minutes.

I have done this before using a normal watch but I wanted something more sophisticated: the idea for a BlackBerry application was born. Another issue that bothered me: The BlackBerry is a productivity tool but the built-in task manager is really, really lame. I want something better. So I set out to develop a BlackBerry application that (1) improves the native BlackBerry task manager and (2) helps me getting things done by working on my task list in bursts using the (10+2)*5 method.

The result is my BlackBerry application called Just10Minutes, here is a screenshot of the much improved task manager that features collabsable lists:


On the homescreen you can then select a task and enter the “work mode” and work in bursts to finish the task. If you think that 10 minutes is not enough you can of course also change the time.


I am convinced that this app will also help you to get more things done and to stop procrastination and I suggest that you download the app and try it for yourself. The free trial allows you enter up to three tasks and then just activate the work mode and work on it. I am confident that you will like it as well, I am not working without the app anymore.

Download the trial and see if it works for you! If you like it, let me know through the comments, email or Twitter!